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net::zemberek::yapi::TestHarfDizisi Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for net::zemberek::yapi::TestHarfDizisi:


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Detailed Description

User: aakin Date: Feb 24, 2004

Definition at line 35 of file TestHarfDizisi.java.

Public Member Functions

HarfDizisi hd (String s)
void once () throws IOException
void testAradanEkle ()
void testAradanKarsilastir ()
void testAradanSil ()
void testBastanKarsilastir ()
void testCharSequenceMethods ()
void testCompareTo ()
void testDiziEkle ()
void testEquals ()
void testHarfDegistir ()
void testHarfEkle ()
void testHarfEkleHarf ()
void testHarfSil ()
void testHepsiBuyukHarfmi ()
void testIlkSesli ()
void testKirp ()
void testSesliSayisi ()
void testSonHarf ()
void testSonHarfYumusat ()
void testSonSesli ()
void testtoStringIndex ()
void testTurkceToleransliKiyasla ()

Static Public Attributes

static final String TEMP_DIR = "kaynaklar/temp/"
static final String TR_TEST_TEXT = "kaynaklar/tr/test/"

Protected Attributes

Alfabe alfabe
DilAyarlari dilAyarlari
DilBilgisi dilBilgisi

Package Attributes

HarfDizisi dizi1
String str

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